Saturday, March 02, 2013

Saturday Links

From Ian:

Into the Fray: Surrendering sovereignty – again
Israeli leaders need to realize that the litmus test of good diplomacy is not to get the world to applaud your compliancy and capitulation, but to accept your pursuit of national interests and imperatives.
Talkbackers get what government doesn’t...
And finally, NormanF: “The Israeli government’s default mode is to surrender to Arab blackmail, threats and intimidation. It can’t say “no” and uphold Jewish sovereignty... Any other country on earth would never accept for themselves the “international observer” nonsense Aharonovitch peddled before the Knesset. It would reject outright all attempts to compromise its independence. What his statement proved again in the face of escalating global anti-Semitism, is that its easy to take the Jew out of the ghetto but its very difficult to take the ghetto out of the Jew!”

Elliott Abrams: Kerry wrong to push for a permanent accord
Senior official in George W. Bush administration also says Israel should not have opposed Palestinians’ UN gambit, and that Olmert’s claim he was close to a peace deal is a ‘mirage’
“Israel’s opposition to it was so strong that it actually built up the importance of the resolution,” he said, adding that the Palestinians’ non-member state status changes very little on the ground. It would have been smarter for Netanyahu to openly declare that Palestine will not become a state through UN resolutions, but it was a “mistake” to fight the UN bid so vehemently.

Full Transcript: Ambassador Prosor’s Speech on Incitement to Terror and Violence at UN Conference
Below is the full text of the speech delivered by Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, on February 28th 2013 on the subject of Incitement to Terror and Violence, at a United Nations Conference.

Far left Australian newspaper "The Age" and the odious flotidiot Paul McGeough, shill for Hamas terrorists.
Leader waits in shifting sands of Middle East
First comes one projectile, then another. Both are in full flight, moving quickly.
Launched by Khalid Mishal in the early hours of the morning, they could be rockets over Gaza. But he is in Doha, deftly quartering apples and guavas, then hurling pieces the length of the room, to a colleague at the other end of a long, leather-inlaid conference table.
Hamas chief evokes Arab Spring in push to lead all Palestinians
Khalid Mishal: terrorist or rebel with a cause?

Gantz: Rocket fired at Ashkelon Tuesday aimed for power plant
Chief of staff says he does not see third intifada unfolding; shots fired from Gaza Friday hit IDF officer’s vehicle

Syrian troops destroy ancient synagogue
One of the oldest synagogues in the world was partially destroyed by Syrian government shelling, according to a video posted to YouTube overnight Friday.
The Jobar Synagogue, located in a suburb of Damascus, is approximately 2,000 years old, and is said to have been built on top of a cave where the prophet Elijah concealed himself from persecution.

Police confiscate US consulate building plans in Istanbul
Security forces have confiscated explosives along with a series of building plans of the U.S. Consulate in Istanbul, a synagogue and a church, in a recent operation against al-Qaeda in several cities, Doğan news agency reported today.
Police departments of the Western province of Tekirdağ and Istanbul cooperated in an operation that detained 11 people and seized 25 kilograms of A-4 type plastic explosives, five rifles, five guns, several USB flash disks, CDS and remote-controlled explosive mechanisms.

Jews, Armenians Exposed to Most Hate Speech in Turkey
A study by Turkey’s Hrant Dink Foundation has found that Jews have become the main object of hate speech in the country, followed by Armenians, Christians, and Greeks.

This is over': Libya closes file on Lockerbie bombing that killed 270 despite U.S. and British pleas to re-open inquiry
Officials from new regime reject calls to hunt down remaining suspects
Authorities fear new investigation could prompt demand for compensation
Britain tonight insisted investigation into 1988 atrocity remains open

Two NJ men indicted in series of synagogue bombings
Childhood friends could face life in prison if convicted of all 30 charges
Two men were formally charged Friday in a series of firebomb attacks on synagogues in the U.S. state of New Jersey.
A grand jury handed up a 30-count indictment against Aakash Dalal and Anthony M. Graziano, Prosecutor John Molinelli said.

Irish channel must apologize for show calling Israel ‘cancer’
National broadcasting regulator rejects claim that comments were anti-Semitic, but says host failed to meet standards of fairness
The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland upheld a complaint against prominent broadcaster Vincent Browne on Thursday for referring to Israel as “the cancer in foreign affairs” on his late-night TV3 show.

Israeli start-up brings gesture tech to iPhones
PointGrab’s new CamMe app shows off a future in which users will be able to interact more easily with their iDevices
With gesture technology gaining traction as an important interaction method between man and machine, it was only a matter of time before it showed up on smartphones and tablets. Now, Israeli 2D gesture technology company Pointgrab has become one of the first to bring it to smartphones, specifically Apple’s iOS platform.

New Poll: 31% of Americans Favor Israelis Over Palestinians
The first question was whether the United States should support the Israelis more than the Palestinians, support the Palestinians more than the Israelis or should the U.S. treat both the same? To this question 55% of respondents answered that they should be treated both the same, while 31% said Israelis should be favored vs. just 4% in favor of the Palestinians.