Monday, March 04, 2013

Islamists claiming IDF officer kicked a Quran on Temple Mount

The Al Aqsa Foundation, an organization that has no compunction about lying, claims that a female Israeli police officer kicked a Quran on Sunday while trying to move some women who were studying it. Other Islamic media are carrying this story as fact.

The Al Aqsa website claims to have photos and video of the incident, but none of the videos show anything remotely like that. All that can be seen is that the Israeli police are asking that they move their chairs and tables a couple of meters, and then the women start protesting.


The article at the Al Aqsa website helps explain what probably happened.

Apparently, in an attempt to stop all Jews from entering the Temple Mount, the women set up their "study groups" directly at the Moroccan Gate, the only entrance for non-Muslims at the Mount.

They normally study in the large plaza between  the Al Aqsa Mosque and the Islamic Museum, where there is plenty of room, as I showed in the video tour of the Temple Mount I made last month. Israeli police then asked them to unblock the entrance, and they replied that they had the right to "study the Quran" anywhere they wanted to.

This appears to be another attempt to incite a third intifada, something that the Al Aqsa people have been trying to do for years by making up ludicrous rumors and incitement.