Friday, March 01, 2013

Hamas seems to have gotten the message that rockets must be stopped

I mentioned earlier that Israel has closed the Kerem Shalom crossing since a rocket attack on Monday.

It looks like Hamas has gotten the message that Israel will not turn a blind eye towards these events as she did in the past.

According to the (virulently anti-Hamas) Palestine Press Agency, in response to Hamas claims that Fatah is cooperating with Israel in keeping calm in Judea and Samaria, an apparent Hamas directive calling for the arrest and prosecution of people launching rockets in Gaza was leaked.

The document, dated 28/02/2013, is titled "A directive for the public interest in order to preserve the security and safety of citizens."

The directive called on all provincial managers, specialized departments and police stations to pursue rocket launchers and bring them to Hamas officials and then be handed over to the Internal Security Agency where they will be held accountable for a severe violation of the law.

PalPress released a facsimile of the order, pictured.

Keep in mind that PalPress is criticizing Hamas for keeping the peace, just as Hamas is criticizing Fatah for not publicly pushing a full-blown intifada in their areas. Unity talks between the two have been suspended indefinitely and the accusations have been increasing.