Friday, March 01, 2013

Friday Links Part 1

From Ian:

LATMA: What is academic courage, and the blessed approach of the 3rd Intifada

Palestinians to Hagel Report: "We Don't Need U.S. Troops Here" by Khaled Abu Toameh
There is also no guarantee that Egypt, Jordan or any Arab country would be prepared to join a US-led force in wake of the current events in the Arab world.
Many Arabs and Muslims continue to view the US as an enemy, especially because of Washington's support for Israel. Any Arab leader who agrees to join a U.S. or NATO force will be denounced by his people as a traitor and puppet in the hands of Americans and Zionists.
Besides, who said that the Arab countries are keen on sending troops to patrol the streets of Palestinian cities?
Does anyone seriously think that Jordan's King Abdullah would ever send Jordanian soldiers to Palestinian cities? Hasn't Jordan's policy over the past two decades been to distance itself as much as possible from the Palestinians?

PMW: PA TV honors terrorists who killed 22 children and 4 adults for the second year in a row
Other terror attacks by DFLP also honored
The Ma'alot massacre was done by the DFLP in 1974. Terrorists took school children as hostages.
22 of them were murdered along with four adults.
The PA TV tribute also honored terrorists who were described as "the heroes of Beit Shean, the pride of the Palestinian revolution."
These were three PFLP terrorists who killed four civilians in the Israeli city of Beit Shean.

CIF Watch: A glimpse into how the Guardian reported Palestinian terrorism in 1974
Though the snapshot from the video is blurry, the story appears to open with the words, “Sixteen Israeli schoolchildren were killed tonight and 70 wounded by Arab terrorists…”. The focus is on the victims. The perpetrators were not described, per the author, Eric Silver, as “militants” (or some other euphemism), but, rather, “terrorists”.
The terrorists are referred to as “Arab”, not “Palestinian”.
Finally, though the strap line lurches towards something suggesting sympathy for the terrorists – by characterizing them as “trapped” – the headline aptly describes the event as a “massacre”.
It’s inconceivable that such terrorist savagery would be reported similarly today.
It’s difficult, short of scouring the Guardian Archives, to say for sure when the Guardian – a truly liberal and Zionist paper under the leadership, and subsequent legacy, of former owner C.P. Scott – began to first turn on the Jewish state. However, in 1974 (based on their coverage of the Ma’alot Massacre) they were still willing to unambiguously inform their readers that cold-blooded fanatics had murdered innocent Jewish children.

BBC Watch: Where can terrorism be named as such by the BBC?
One can be fairly confident that the BBC will not be setting up an interview between the police spokesman and Mishal Husein so that she can ask him how many residents of Northern Ireland were actually killed by “home-made contraptions”.
Notably, the BBC does not suggest any kind of linkage (implying extenuating circumstances) between the discovery of the weapons and the actions of Protestants in Northern Ireland or the policies of the British government.
In this case, the BBC has managed to report the story for what it is: the illegal possession of military-grade weapons by a terrorist group which threatens civilian lives.
It is a pity that the BBC is so often unable to apply the same standards of reporting to certain parts of the Middle East.

Accessories in Fogel Murder Sentenced
Three PA Arabs have been sentenced to prison for aiding the murderers of the Fogel family
Over two years after the vicious murders of five members of the Fogel family of Itamar, four PA Arabs have been sentenced to between two and seven years in prison for the assistance they rendered to the two Arab terrorists who carried out the attack.

Egypt confiscates missiles smuggled from Libya
An Egyptian security official says authorities have confiscated two pick-up trucks carrying 60 anti-tank missiles smuggled across the border from Libya.
The official says two truck drivers were arrested and the weapons seized just south of Cairo on Wednesday morning.

Hezbollah in a Slump
Arab sources openly denounce the organization as a subsidiary of Iran. Hanin Ghaddar, of the Lebanese web site, NOW, recently wrote:
Hezbollah is not, as it claims to its supporters, a Lebanese party whose mission is to protect Lebanese people and territories. It is a militia which uses Lebanon as a geographical base from which to launch attacks against Iran’s enemies no matter where or who they are.

Report: “Independent” Campaign Against Iranian Sanctions and Military Intervention Has Numerous Links to Regime
The Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII) was founded by Abbas Edalat in 2005. CASMII claims to be an advocate of Iranians everywhere as well as “independent of all political groups and governments, including the Iranian government.” But a recent report released by the Germany-based Stop the Bomb, a nonpartisan initiative aimed at stopping Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, appears to counter these claims. According to the report, many of the people associated with the campaign have close ties to the Iranian regime, or have publicly supported it.

Ethiopian Israeli Stars on the Rise
A new pop singer and a new Miss Israel hit the mainstream
In what might be construed as either a coincidence, a rising trend, or a cultural rebuke against Israeli immigration policies, Ethopian stars seem to be making some serious headway in the Israeli cultural landscape.