Sunday, March 03, 2013

Egyptian protesters torch police station

From Al Arabiya:
Egyptian protesters torched a police station in Port Said on Saturday, as police used tear gas to disperse crowds in the province of al-Mansura, reported Al Arabiya.

Residents said protesters set a light the police station after a security vehicle ran over demonstrators taking part in a peaceful march, leaving five people wounded.

About 500 protesters threw stones and petrol bombs and then blocked fire engines from approaching the blaze, said the interior ministry.

In Mansura, Egyptian protesters also stormed a police building, amid renewed clashes after a demonstrator's death overnight, the official MENA news agency reported.

They attacked a building that formerly housed the now-relocated regional police headquarters, but where police still have offices.

A security source told AFP police were able to repel them with tear gas.
Six officers were also reportedly injured in Port Said as demonstrators attempted to free detainees held inside the car by hurling stones at the vehicle which was on its way to Port Said’s courthouse.
Here's a video of the smoldering police station:

Things are not looking good in Egypt.