Friday, March 01, 2013

Another Palestinian Arab dies in custody - but there will be no riots

From Ma'an:
A prisoner being held in a Palestinian Authority jail in Jericho died on Friday, a senior Palestinian official said.

Ayman Mohammad Sharif Samara, 40, died while being detained on charges of assault, Palestinian Authority attorney general Muhammad Abdul-Ghani al-Uweiwi told Ma'an.

He was arrested on Friday and transferred to a nearby hospital, where he passed away, al-Uweiwi said.

The PA attorney general denied that the prisoner was tortured or beaten during interrogations and said that an autopsy would be performed and the results made public once completed.

An investigation into his death has already begun, al-Uweiwi added.
Why no demand for an international investigation? Why no riots about the uncanny coincidence of a prisoner dying the day of his arrest? Why no uproar?

Ah, it is another application of the Middle East version of the Inverse Square Law:

The amount of outrage over an Arab death is inversely proportional to the square of the possibility that the death can be blamed on Jews.