Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jordan's king says Hamas is moderating. Hamas says "no we're not."

Jordan's King Abdullah II spoke at the World economic Forum in Davos, saying that "the next two years will be crucial for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process," hoping that "the results of the Israeli elections will contribute to the resumption of peaceful negotiations."

He also said "Hamas is also more open than ever before on the dialogue with Israel."

Immediately, Hamas answered, "no way."

Hamas spokesman Yahya Moussa al-Ebadsh said that that Hamas' relationship with the Israeli enemy has not changed and will not change, pointing out the relationship is governed by conflict and "the only relationship with this enemy is the resistance."

This won't stop the next politician or pundit to pretend that Hamas is moderating next month, and the month after. For some reason explicit statements and actions by Hamas are not regarded as important as the wishful thinking of those who believe that Israel just has to give up a little more for there to be peace.

And then a little more.