Friday, December 14, 2012

Egyptian preacher says Jews behind anti-Morsy protests

From Egypt's Youm7 today:
The preacher in the Al-Madina Al-Munawara mosque in the Faysal quarter of the city of Suez vehemently attacked all those demonstrating against Muhammad Mursi and the constitution, describing them as "saboteurs", and that they are like the Jews, destroying Egypt, and that Israel and the Jews are training them to do that. These words raised the ire of a large number of the people who prayed there.

Ashraf Muhsin, a leader in the "Suez Youth Bloc" movement told the "Yawm Al-Sabi'" [newspaper] that after the prayers he spoke to the preacher asking for proof about the Jews training the demonstrators. The preacher refused and a verbal confrontation and a brawl broke out.

(Muhsin) said, "Some of the sheikhs and the preacher tried to drive me out of the mosque and accused me of deception. They said that the Islamic media said that the (anti-Mursi/constitution) demonstrators are agents working for the Jews, this is the truth, and they (the sheikhs and the preacher) believe this."
Note that the people were not upset at the sheikh's anti-semitism - but at the idea that the Egyptian opposition could be in cahoots with Jews.

(h/t al-Gharqad for translation help)