Friday, May 04, 2012

Weekend Links, part 1

CameraDesmond Tutu Assails Israel, Gives Palestinians a Pass (Again)

and Elie Wiesel Challenges President Obama; Washington Post Misses Story

HuffPo: Israel, Canada has Accepted your Friend Request
Deputy Leader of the Islamic Movement in Israel Kamal Khatib: Our Babies Are a Demographic Time Bomb for Israel

WSJ: Inciting Genocide is a Crime (partial paywall but Google search it to read it)

JPost: Egyptian-Jews seek rehearing in Coca-Cola case

BBC: Swastikas daubed on Jewish woman's car in Brighton

Times of Israel: Israeli teacher aims to galvanize Syria fly-in, to highlight need for global intervention

The Commentator: UK ignores Palestinian incitement

NYT interview with "The Dictator" plus the latest trailer

Guess what country was in the top ten Lonely Planet destinations for 2011? Yup - Syria.

(h/t Sophie, John, D., Ian, Joel B, Shmuel)