Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Wednesday links (Ian)

Marx: Jews Were Majority In Jerusalem

[Jerusalem’s] sedentary population numbers about 15,500 souls, of whom 4,000 are Mussulmans [Muslims] and 8,000 Jews . . . the Mussulmans, forming about a quarter of the whole, consisting of Turks, Arabs, and Moors, are, of course, the masters in every respect

Honest Reporting - BBC Or Norman Finkelstein: Who is More Despicable?

Also, note the use of the term “Jewish lobby.” Not the “Israel lobby” as has been used, most notably by Walt and Mearsheimer in their discredited thesis. What does the BBC base its statement on? Such criticism of American presidents has come from a particular anti-Israel strain and is certainly not a universally accepted mantra.

Shatter accuses Palestine group of cyberbullying
Justice Minister hits out after 'avalanche of venom' forces band to cancel tour of Israel

Anyway J.Lo is much nicer to look at than scruffy Irishmen.
Jennifer Lopez schedules a Tel Aviv concert for late 2012!

Obama Accepts Big Money From Israel-Hater
Team Obama includes a self-identified “Muslim Palestinian-American” campaign fundraiser who has a history of blasting Israel in highly charged letters and newspaper articles about the Middle East conflict.

Hala Hijazi, a Jordanian native and current San Francisco city employee, has personally secured between $100,000 to $200,000 for Obama’s reelection effort, according to Federal Election Committee filings.

She also has gone on record accusing Israel of war crimes while castigating America for providing the Jewish state critical military aid—a long-term investment that has bolstered U.S. security interests.

The battle for America
Special: Israeli, Jewish students fighting back as hostility grows on leading campuses in America

'Lost Airmen of Buchenwald' - Honoring Pilots Who Survived Imprisonment in a Nazi Concentration Camp

By the Numbers: Jodi Rudoren's Palestinian Prisoner Article

What the Guardian won’t report: Palestinians continue to laud Itamar Massacre terrorists

Hamas urges French President-elect Hollande to visit Gaza

With Help of a ‘Bionic’ Suit, Paralyzed Woman Finishes London Marathon
Israel's ReWalk technology, of course. (h/t Elias)