Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Iran tries to play the fauxtography game with the BBC

From Iran's PressTV, by one of their reliable Western sycophants Peter Eyre:
As we have seen so many times before the BBC has shown a distinct lean towards Israel or in this case a clear distortion of facts when it released a picture of the recent Houla massacre in Syria.

Take a close look at their front page photograph and then compare it with the photograph taken by Marco Di Lauro 9 years earlier on 27th May 2003 in Al Musayyib Iraq and you can clearly see the lack of professionalism by the BBC.

I find it so unbelievable that the general public simply accept whatever is placed before them and in doing so accept this as being justification for going to war. Just by simply studying this photograph which are all children, you can see that each row consists of around 25 – 30 bodies and so one can assume that in this photograph we are looking at four rows amounting to at least 125 and yet there were only 49 children killed in Houla, Syria.

Can one ever imagine that this once very professional media outlet earned so much respect from the people of Britain and now it has fallen to below a sub quality standard!!
Indeed, the photo was taken in 2003, and the BBC erred. However, PressTV did not note the caption that the BBC used, and its photo is too fuzzy to read it.

Here is a better screenshot:
Apparently, anti-regime supporters in Syria circulated the photo and the BBC ran with it without confirming - something that happens a lot because of the difficulty of getting reporters into Syria. It was certainly sloppy on the BBC's part (there were far more bodies in this photo that the number of victims) but they made it very clear that they couldn't verify the photo. As soon as they found out the truth they took it down. (The original photographer is unhappy, though.)

In case you think that the PressTV article has any credibility, though, here's a small bit from later on:

I have reported before that when the Israelis attacked Lebanon in 2006 they also nuked themselves and again in 2008/9 when they hit Gaza………when will these maniacs understand that when they use the same weapons as were used in Libya the entire region becomes consumed in millions of radioactive nano particles that directly attack the human DNA.