Monday, May 21, 2012

Exposing more BDS hypocrisy: 400 PalArabs attend agriculture show in Tel Aviv

A few weeks ago, someone named Ben White tried to make fun of my assertion that Palestinian Arab farmers are not keen on boycotts of Israel, since it can hurt them too.

White's main piece of evidence that Palestinian Arab farmers really want to boycott Israeli goods and services came from a quote from a spokesman for the "Palestinian Union of Agricultural Work Committees," saying that Palestinian Arab farmers do in fact support boycotting Israel.

I easily showed that he's an idiot and a hypocrite, and that plenty of Palestinian Arab farmers willingly cooperate with the supposedly hated "occupiers". And I pointed out a number of specific cases where Palestinian Arab farmers eagerly attended seminars in Israel to increase their profits.

Here's more proof that the BDS haters like White are obviously acting in ways that are at odds with normal Palestinian Arab farmers and agriculturalists.

The Agritech exhibition (the international convention on agricultural technology), which took place [last] Tuesday-Thursday in the Exhibition Grounds in Tel-Aviv, was attended by agriculturalists and commercial representatives from all over the world, and included Israeli innovations in agriculture and various agricultural crops. Amongst those present and presenting in the exhibit were Palestinian agriculturalists from Judea and Samaria.

The Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria issued entry permits to approx. 400 Palestinian agriculturalists that came to view, learn, develop and even acquire some of the innovations presented in the convention, so that they may develop their own agricultural estates. In addition, the Civil Administration funded the farmers’ carpooling services, so that they may conveniently attend the exhibit. “Palestinian farmers are exposed here to many technological developments and innovations in agricultural technology”, explained Samir Mudai, the Civil Administration Agriculture Headquarters Officer. “We are attempting to create a connection between Israeli and Palestinian agriculture.”

In addition, in the area allotted by exhibition organizers, 4 stands were positioned upon which Palestinian farmers presented their wares: the “Cnaan” Company from Jenin, which produces olive oil, Tehina: “Hayona” from Nablus, a company which produces natural fruits and vegetables from Jericho region, and “Taibe” Beer, a company in Ramallah.

As presenters attended every day of the exhibit, the Civil Administration issued them with Israeli entry permits which include sleeping arrangements, so that they may sleep nearby and readily attend every day of the exhibit. “We are exposing them to Israelis and to the world”, Muadi remarked. “Here, they are exposed to potential customers and generate business relations from all over the world.”

Among the various stands, it was clear that a great deal of interest was shown in Palestinian products, particularly those of “Hayona” Tehina Company, who managed to sell tehina and halva to the audience with great success.

The Civil Administration Agriculture Headquarters Office works restlessly – throughout the year, we vigorously endeavor to integrate Palestinian agriculturalists within conventions of this kind, and arrange seminars so as to develop the Palestinian economy and its agriculture, and farmers are already bearing fruit. “Following the Agrotech exhibit, business relations commenced with “Rami Levi” Company, who intend on buying vegetables from Palestinian farms”, remarked Mr. Muadi. “Rami Levi already met with several farmers and we truly hope that he will distribute their agricultural produce.”

In addition, the Civil Administration Agriculture Headquarters Officer is exploring the option of introducing Palestinian products into Israeli markets. “We’re currently exploring the possibility of attempting to introduce Palestinian stations in the new Tel Avivi Wholesale Market”, Mr. Muadi summarized.
 This also neatly proves that, contrary to what the haters claim, Israel wants to help these Palestinian farmers succeed - unlike people like White.

In case you are unaware, the Civil Administration is a branch of the IDF. 

When boycotters say that they are following the desires of "Palestinian civil society," they want to make it sound like a large swath of Palestinian Arabs support an effort that directly hurts them economically. As we can see, this is absurd. The "civil society" is made up of self-appointed "spokesmen," tiny NGOs built to attract money from Western useful idiots and some unions which do nothing besides declare strikes every once in a while to feel important. They do not represent anyone who actually does productive work.

Given this evidence, the haters will have to fall back on their next moronic argument - that this is just "farmwashing."