Thursday, April 19, 2012

Islamists freaking out over Egyptian mufti who visited Jerusalem

Islamists are now calling for the resignation of Egypt's mufti Ali Gomaa over his recent visit to the Al Aqsa Mosque and other sites in Jerusalem, via Jordan.

Hamas official Izzat Rishq said that the only way that Muslims should visit Jerusalem is as conquerors, not under the protection of Jews.

Sheikh Azzam of Islamic Jihad in Gaza called the visit "reprehensible."

The Palestine Scholars Association condemned the visit, saying it was a "type of normalization with the Jews who usurped the land and holy sites."

In Egypt, Tariq Zomor, a spokesman for Jemaah Islamiyah, said that the visit was "irresponsible" and that there will be protests against the mufti on Friday. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood called the visit "a disaster." Other Egyptian Islamists derisively referred to Gomaa as "Mubarak's Mufti."

Al-Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the influential sheikh of Al-Azhar University, is calling an emergency meeting this afternoon of scholars at the institution and will issue a statement.

Israeli Islamist leader Raed Salah showed his own hypocrisy. He is currently barred from visiting Jerusalem because of his constant incitement and attempts to start new uprisings against Israel. He complained that since he is banned from the Al Aqsa Mosque, no Muslim leader should visit. "How can we explain that this military occupation prevents me from entering Jerusalem and at the same time allows some prominent Arab and Muslim to enter the heart of Jerusalem which is Al Aqsa?" he whined.

Islamic preacher Safwat Hejazi said that Gomaa's visit was a "criminal act" and a "fraud" of Muslims and called him a "sinner."