Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fatah official calls for "third intifada"

Hona Al Quds quotes Hatem Abdel-Qader, Fatah official in charge of Jerusalem affairs, as saying that while terrorism has taken a back seat for political reasons it is not off the table.

Abdel-Qader said, "The peaceful resistance has not been strategically successful in the Palestinian arena, and there must be a new vision of the concept that integrates the armed resistance and the Popular Resistance. I do not think that the option of armed resistance in the Fatah movement is currently possible because of political circumstances."

"We need a peaceful third intifada like the first intifada, including all the children and participation of all the Palestinian people, so that the peaceful resistance is not limited to certain segments; if it did not include all of us there is no point."

He added that "it is difficult to engage people in a third intifada. The existence of the PA is the largest impediment to them, because they are committed to the agreements, treaties and obligations with the Israelis."

This sounds like Fatah is trying to co-opt some of Marwan Barghouti's positions as their own.

By the way, the "peaceful" first intifada killed some 160 Israelis and wounded thousands more.