Saturday, April 14, 2012

Anti-semitic T-shirts sold at Polish soccer stadium (UPDATE)

From JTA:
T-shirts featuring anti-Semitic slogans were discovered being sold outside a soccer stadium in the Polish city of Lodz.

The T-shirts were being sold outside the stadium of Widzew Lodz, which plays in Poland’s premier league, according to an April 12 article on the website of Polskie Radio.

The shirts featured slogans such as “This is Widzew territory, entry to Jews is forbidden” and “Curl hunters,” referring to Orthodox Jews’ payos.

A woman who works in the shop that sold the T-shirts told the Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza that the shirts are popular. The shop is adjacent to the team’s official shop.

A third of Lodz’s population was Jewish before World War II.
Here is a sign outside the store:

 And this graffitum saying "You will meet death:"

UPDATE: Lodz police arrested two workers at the shop, a salesman and a manager, for selling anti-semitic material (h/t Malgorzata)