Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Time-out open thread (plus)

Things have been busy on the blog lately.

The PennBDS story is getting legs, being reported on (but not linked!) at Arutz-7 and then picked up by The Blaze. The video I made has about 3000 hits.

I'm trying to get the media to notice Hamas' responsibility for the electricity crisis in Gaza; not sure if anyone will pick that up.

And stories that I am just reposting with little comment are getting tons of hits too. Not to mention an old post about a celebrity that never seems to die down.

Things are busy in real life as well, so its time to take a short breather and call it an Open Thread.

UPDATE: A lot of people have sent this to me to blog - don't have the time now, but it is more proof that the Jamal Al Dura lied about his injuries in the famous Pallywood Al Dura case.