Sunday, February 12, 2012

Syrian defector: "After we defeat Assad we will be stronger to face the Jews"

Israel's Mako has an interesting interview with a Syrian army defector.

Until six weeks ago Hassan was a lieutenant in armored division 5 of the Syrian army. Since March 2011 he fought as a soldier in the Assad's army in suppressing riots, until he decided he could do it no longer.

With the help of an organized network that runs the Free Syria Army, Hassan managed to defect together with another officer and a soldier.

For most of the interview he describes how the Free Syria Army is fighting and his observations of what he is calling a civil war.

But at the end of the interview:

Lt. Hassan will continue to fight the Syrian army and spread the messages of the Free Syria Army over the Internet. During our conversation there is one message he felt is important to him to clarify in no uncertain terms: "Zionists, do not think that after the government is replaced we would give up the sword. The Golan Heights and the Zionist state is still defined as 'Dar al Harb' (Muslim area of ​​war). After we release Syria from the corrupt regime, we will be stronger to face the Jews."

(h/t Yoel)