Friday, February 17, 2012

The hypocrites who voted against Syria resolution at UN (Zvi)

From Zvi:

Who voted against the UN resolution condemning the brutal crackdown by the al-Assad regime? Who voted in favor? (Israel supported the resolution, for one) Who abstained?

The usual suspects.

Here is what various countries had to say about it at the podium.

Voting against - the usual crew of raving hypocrites (notice how many of them have served on the Human Rights Council!):

* Bolivia (*cough lapdog of Venezuela cough*)
* China (anti regime change)
* Cuba
* Ecuador (ditto)
* Iran (anti foreign intervention)
* North Korea (sovereignty)
* Russia (wanted resolution to restrict rebels)
* Syria
* Venezuela
* Yemen (claimed surprise at appearance of Article 19)

I think that the others were Myanmar and Zimbabwe.

Abstainers included Algeria, Armenia (historically abstains, possibly for fear of persecution of Armenians in Syria), Comoros (said that they had screwed up and failed to cast their votes properly), Burundi (said that they had screwed up), Kyrgyzstan (said that they had screwed up) and 11 others.

The Venezuelan regime launched into a conspiracy-theorist tirade that included accusations that the West wants to occupy Syria and the claim that "instead, the Assembly should be concerned about recognition of a Palestinian State, the end of Israeli rights violations and ending the blockade on Cuba." Because of course the slaughter of thousands of Arabs by other Arabs doesn't matter at all; what do they care about dead Arabs? What matters to the Chavez regime is trying to destroy Israel and attacking the US.

The representative of Syria also made a general statement, saying that a “Trojan horse” had been unmasked today as the resolution’s Western co-sponsors had paved the way to internationalizing the situation. It was clear that the Arab League had been kidnapped by the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, he added. Syria had left the Arab League temporarily; it was broken, politically and morally, he said, congratulating it on its new alliance with Israel. Syria no longer wanted the League to stand by it following its shameful actions, but it did want them to save whatever face it had left and cease the plotting against other Arab States.

He went on to warn that the wealth of all the Gulf Cooperation Council countries would be squandered on losing causes and the price would be borne by all Arabs, who would be used as fuel to obtain the objectives of Israel and the West.

I would add that Iran's representative said, "As long as armed groups continued to resort to violence, the crisis would continue, serving the interests of the Zionist regime."