Thursday, December 01, 2011

Lauren Booth splitting from UK's Palestine Solidarity Committee

It is so sad when rabid haters start turning against each other.

Pro-Palestinian activist Lauren Booth has launched a vitriolic attack on the Palestine Solidarity Campaign for dissociating itself from antisemitic musician Gilad Atzmon, saying the central office should be working "to end Zionism".

Her comments highlight the internal divisions in the PSC, between the national body and its more radical branches. Last week, PSC director Sarah Colborne said the organisation had "no links with Atzmon and does not work with him."

In response, Ms Booth, a recent convert to Islam and the half-sister of former Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife Cherie, wrote on her blog: "Britain is witnessing the rise of a new wave of pro-Palestinian activists. They need an organisation that is fit for purpose. One that does not pander to the emotional whims of the Jewish, Zionist lobby."

She added: "The PSC is ...attempting to create a pro-Palestinian organisation that does not hurt Zionist sensibilities. Campaigns of appeasement to the Israeli lobby can never, ever, co-exist as part of a determined campaign to end Israel's bloody and illegal occupation of Palestine. Let us be clear. A Palestine Solidarity Campaign should be working to END Zionism. Not ease it a little. Not work alongside it."
Lauren Booth's unhinged, raving blog post can be enjoyed here. It is especially funny to hear her accusing the PSC of collaborating with anti-Islamist blog Harry's Place, but there's lots of great stuff there to enjoy.