Monday, June 27, 2011

Now the flotidiots are saying that Israel blocks air from Gaza

From the latest hysterical Free Gaza press release:
There is no question that Israel’s near hermetic closure of the Gaza Strip is illegal...
A hermetic seal is, by definition, airtight.

So now Israel is depriving Gazans of air itself!

There are similarly bizarre pronouncement in the press release:
We will carry nearly three thousand tons of aid...
In the past, they have been known to exaggerate the amount of "aid" they were bringing by an order of magnitude. I am certain that this is true this time as well, as they really didn't spend too much time gathering aid for this "aid flotilla."

Recent steps taken by Israel to address the concerns raised in the public eye by the Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human initiative, including last week’s announcement of authorization for construction materials for 1,200 homes and 18 schools in Gaza, prove that flotillas work.
Israel long ago announced that it would approve construction projects requested by UNRWA and other NGOs. Nine days ago, Gazans protested UNRWA for not rebuilding their homes, and even disrupted UNRWA summer camps. As a result, UNRWA requested to have their homes rebuilt and Israel readily acceded. It has nothing to do with the Flotilla. The fantasy of self-importance that these flotidiots have is amazing, but par for the course for "activists" who need to pretend that their acts make a difference.

Therefore, despite intimidation, pressure, and threats of violence from the Israeli government, which is not ashamed to boast that it will use snipers and attack dogs against unarmed civilians, we will sail.
Oh, please show me where the Israeli government boasted that they were going to sic attack dogs and shoot unarmed civilians! I try to follow the news but that little detail must have eluded me. I promise I'll headline a blog post with that stunning information!

After all, who could possibly think for a moment that the flotidiots are liars?

(h/t Challah Hu Akbar)