Friday, February 11, 2011

Some links for the weekend

I have not been spending too much time blogging about Egypt, mostly because there are plenty of excellent people who are.

Here's a quick rundown:

Melanie Phillips on The American debacle in Egypt.

A whole series of Barry Rubin pieces:
Tariq's Tricks: How the West's Favorite Islamist Spins His Web to Ensnare ThemEgypt: If the top intelligence Guy Thinks the Brotherhood is Secular; No Wonder U.S. Policy is so Screwed UpNews Flash: Mubarak's not resigning and they were all wrong!How Do We Know What Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Wants? Because It Tells Us

Mubarak's not the one who should resign (on Leon Panetta's wrong intelligence)

WSJ on White House mishandling of Egypt

The Telegraph weighed in on Clapper's comment on the MB

Krauthammer on the needed freedom doctrine

Eric Trager on the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy

Really interesting article on "illiberal democracy" at Forbes that is very un-PC

In non-Egypt news...

I don't remember if I blogged Melanie Phillips article on former British ambassador to Israel, Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles.

Just Journalism looks at how The Guardian reported on the Palestine Papers (I wish they would have referred to my research on what they ignored as well)

(Melanie was also nice enough to write up one of my Palestine Papers scoops, as was Yisrael Medad in JPost.)

(h/t Devora, SoccerDad, EV)