Friday, October 02, 2009

The IDF's supermodel

YNet has an article about Israeli model Esti Ginzburg, who proudly serves in the IDF unlike the more famous Bar Rafaeli.

As opposed to other models and actresses her age, Private Esti Ginzburg had no hesitations at all about serving in the Israel Defense Forces. In fact, Ginzburg believes in military service so much, that as part of her role at the IDF reception base she explains to young recruits why it is so important to join the army.

"In order to contribute and help, in order to be part of the State," Ginzburg said, "enlisting is a duty, not a choice. There are a million of things I don't feel like doing, but I do them because I have to. Military service is part of the things I believe in, the values I was raised on."
Naturally, I had to painstakingly plow through hundreds of photographs of her to properly illustrate this important story for this blog. Lucky for me, I hit the jackpot here.

This is a picture of her from last spring's Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, where Ginzburg subtly signals to her fellow Jews that she is also a proud member of the worldwide Zionist conspiracy, leaving the gentiles none the wiser.