Sunday, May 17, 2009

Allah manifesting himself in odd ways

Allah works in mysterious ways.

Sometimes, he decides to reveal himself with strange natural phenomena:
In Dura, the Arabic word Allah (God) was found written in honeycomb.

The honeycomb with Allah apparently inscribed in it was found in an apiary owned by Akram Al-Arab.
Here's the holy honeycomb:And here's Allah's name:
Other miracles have included the Allah fish:

And the Allah ear:

Not only that, but Muslims have discerned Allah's name in clouds:

And, Allah be praised, in the waves accompanying the horrific tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands:

Other examples include anthills, cantaloupes, watermelons, tomatoes, outer space, the human hand. And for each occurrence, there is much rejoicing at Allah's munificence.

Yet for some reason, when Allah's name miraculously appears on an ice cream logo or a sneaker logo, that is not cause for rejoicing, but for seething.