Thursday, February 05, 2009

Failing to blow up Israelis, Gazans now blow up each other

Before and during the Gaza op, Hamas tried very hard to turn exploding people into an art form: (h/t Ruthie of America)
Since the start of the conflict in Gaza, the “ghost” suicide bombers have isolated themselves from families and friends. They spend their time hidden close to areas where Israeli forces deploy. On the selection criteria for suicide bombers, Abu Moath briefly explained that only young people are chosen from the ranks of al-Qassam’s battalions, which number up to ten thousand fighters. Abu Moath disclosed females are also recruited to the ranks of the suicide bombers. The candidate bombers are secretly scrutinized by al-Qassam lieutenants to make sure they are religiously committed and responsible. The next phase is to notify the bomber of their acceptance and put them through psychological and military training on weapons and tactics, especially those used by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Abu Moath asserts that all through the selection and training phases the suicide bombers are tutored by religious clerics and Islamic preachers. Upon completion of training, the bombers are sent behind enemy lines. Each group of suicide bombers is compartmentalized and does not know the location or composition of other groups to avoid compromising their comrades if one of them is captured by the Israelis. Abu Moath admits such captures happen very often because the suicide bombers operate behind enemy lines. Each suicide bomber is issued special weapons and a custom-tailored explosive belt.

Other Hamas units of suicide bombers include the “Booby-Trapped Martyrs.” These martyr units are designed to deploy on the streets and alleys of Gaza’s cities, armed with heavier explosive belts than those used by the “ghosts.” These units are as secret and compartmentalized as the “ghost” suicide bombers and deploy with Hamas commando units tasked with kidnapping Israeli soldiers.
By the way, this means that at least some of the women killed in Gaza were not civilians.

Since they were singularly unsuccessful at these attempts, it is back to the drawing board - and back to blowing up their own people.

Palestine Today and Ma'an Arabic are reporting that the "Oasis" cafe in Gaza City was blown up tonight, killing one person and injuring three others.

Since Arabs killing Arabs is considered a natural event, the news media will remain mostly quiet about this.

The 2009 PalArab self-death count, of Palestinian Arabs violently killed by their own actions, is at 19.