Saturday, December 27, 2008

Arab media roundup

I'm not going into all the details of today's massive air attack against Gaza - you can read all about that in the usual media - but here are some interesting tidbits from some Arabic sites.

Ma'an has a bulletin that Israel still plans to open up Kerem Shalom on Sunday to bring in medical supplies.

A cartoon from AlJazeera.net that indicates that Arab nations gave Israel the "green light" to attack Gaza.
Egypt promised to open the Rafah crossing for injured Gazans, but according to Ma'an changed its mind and decided to send medical supplies to Gaza instead. Palestine Press, however, reports that Hamas was stopping Egyptian aid from reaching Gaza - including 18 ambulances and much blood.

The terrorist who died on Friday, that Ma'an had reported was shooting rockets at Israel, is now referred to as a "journalist" in reporting his funeral.

A Gazan was killed and four injured when a smuggling tunnel collapsed.

Hamas' website refers to Israel's attacks as a "massive holocaust" even as it brags about shooting rockets and killing a civilian. Rockets made it as far as Kiryat Gat.

Islamic Jihad's leaders are comparing this to "Deir Yassin."

The "Free Galilee Brigades" that have claimed recent terror attacks in Israel say that they will start a new wave of terror. Hamas' Khaled Meshaal also threatens "martyrdom operations."

While Palestinian Arabs are claiming that one third of the dead are civilians, and the Free Gaza movement is putting out press releases claiming that Israel bombed playgrounds, so far the pictures of the dead make them all look to be young men in their 20s.

Apparently a "VIP" tunnel has been constructed for senior Hamas members to go to Egypt in style.